Growing up, I didn't really have a model for leading prophetic worship or hosting the presence of God. I spent a lot of time looking for a mentor, I just wanted someone to look to for advice. It seemed like every time I got close to asking someone to mentor me, something prohibited us from meeting.


One day, many years ago, during prayer, the Lord told me to stop looking for someone to look up to and look to him. Surely, the Lord wasn’t telling me no! I was quickly reminded of the children of Israel who rejected God as their King and begged for a human king. I didn’t understand, but I trusted Him. I can see now that the Lord had charted a different course for me. It is often new but exciting. I thought I just wanted someone to follow, but what I really wanted was someone to validate every step I made and give me instructions on every step I took. But I already had that in God. The Lord wanted to lead me. I often wonder how many others the Lord has offered His services to and how many have declined him.


People are often looking for someone to show them how to do something. This is why YouTube is so popular. I totally get that. It's the reason I'm writing this book. I'm sharing what the Lord taught me with you. While I want you to read this book, don't ever look to someone else for what God wants to directly teach you himself.

Everybody is not called to pioneer, lead, teach and influence others on a large scale,

but everyone can have a face to face encounter with the Almighty God!


The beautiful thing about the access we’ve been given as believers is as soon as Jesus died, it’s the first thing we received. ACCESS. The veil was torn, and it was never mended. One of the major themes in this book will be asking God for what you’d like. Whether it’s wisdom, insight, clarity, understanding, ingenuity, creativity, revelation, etc., you can ask the Lord for that and watch him come through every time. If the Lord has given you a task, He will help you complete it. While He won’t just do everything for you, He will give you what can only be gained through Him.




This book is a tool for worshippers and worship leaders


that desire to release the sound of heaven into the earth and offer up the earth’s sound to heaven. I wanted to provide a go-to book that could serve as a quick reference for scriptures and principles of the kingdom as it pertains to worship along with some wisdom I’ve learned through the years. I want to be very clear, this book is not an exhaustive book on worship. Technically, worship is the sacrifice given to one who is worthy, and it encompasses way more than music and creative arts.


Worship is truly accomplished when people present their bodies as living sacrifices to the Lord in whatever way that is. But worship is usually an action. Something must be done in order for it to be worship. It's got to cost you something. And it must come from a sincere heart. This book will focus on creative expressions of worship for both the corporate and private worship settings, in hopes that it will help the believer cultivate a balanced lifestyle of worship.